Philippe Grandrieux

Meutrière is the second part of a triptych entitled Unrest the subject of which is worry. This performance for four women dancers is the follow-up to the film White Epilepsy. The theme of Meurtrière is “Das Ding” (The Thing). For Philippe Grandrieux, “Meurtrière is on the edge of what can be shown and seen.” Acknowledging what is insane, unbearable, hysterical, grotesque, phobic, and brutal. Exposing what is savage, sexual, vulgar, and perverse. Perceiving what is embarrassing, harrowing, all without shame, in an ecstatic way, connecting the sacred, the pornographic and the fierce. A cinematic view combined with what’s being proposed in the moment. Philippe Grandrieux plunges you into the anxiety of possibilities in The Thing, with no prior expectations. A radical adventure that invites you to dive into an extraordinary sensorial experience.
— Céline Roux for Pharenheit festival 2014


Philippe Grandrieux was born in Saint-Étienne. He studied film at the INSAS (Institut National Supérieur des Arts du Spectacle) in Belgium. He exhibited his first video work at Galerie Albert Baronian, Bruxelles. In the 1980s, he worked in collaboration with the French Institut National de l’Audiovisuel (INA) and the television channel La Sept/Arte where he helped develop new cinematographic forms and formats that called into question some basic principles of film writing: for instance, the conventions behind documentary, information and film essays. In 1990, he created the film research lab “Live” which produced one hour long sequences by Thierry Kuntzel, Robert Kramer and Robert Frank…
Since 2005, programs devoted to Grandrieux’s features (Sombre, La Vie nouvelle, Un lac), installations, video, documentary work and shorts have been broadcast all over the world.
2012 / 2013 Philippe Grandrieux is Visiting Fiction Film Professor at Harvard University (USA).

Rehearsals in Le Phare from September 16th to 21th 2013 and from September 30 to October 5th 2013
Representation during Festival Pharenheit on January 29th 2014 in Le Phare

Conception : Philippe Grandrieux
Interpretation : Emilia Giudicelli, Vilma Pitrinaite, Hélène Rocheteau, Francesca Ziviani

Production : Annick Lemonnier for Epileptic
Coproduction : Le Phare, Centre Chorégraphique National du Havre Haute-Normandie