The CCNs

The Centres chorégraphiques were created starting in 1984. Today there are 19 of them spread over different regions.  The Association des Centres chorégraphiques nationaux was formed in 1995 in Caen, about fifteen years after the creation of the first CCNs.

The ACCN’s goal is to organize exchanges and discussions among the staff at the Centres chorégraphiques nationaux, around the tasks assigned to them by the government and local authorities: producing and promoting new work, hosting companies and residencies, developing choreography, training, documenting and sometimes programming.  These reflections are measured against public policies promoting the performing arts, in order to foster dialogue with a great many actors in the arts and culture.

The ACCN is also a platform for exchanging information (especially technical), used by its members and public partners such as the Direction Générale de la Création Artistique (DGCA) / Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication. Finally, the ACCN’s goal is to have the choreographer/directors’ viewpoints and positions heard collectively. Today the organization comprises the 19 currently active CCNs.


Co-Presidents : Sylvain Groud, director of CCN de Roubaix ; Petter Jacobsson, director of Ballet de Lorraine CCN de Nancy ; Thierry Malandain, director of Malandain Ballet Biarritz CCN de Biarritz ; Ambra Senatore, director of CCN de Nantes ; Grégory Cauvin, general secretary of Ballet de Lorraine CCN de Nancy ; Érika Hess, delegated director of CCN de Nantes ; Yves Kordian, delegated director of Malandain Ballet Biarritz CCN de Biarritz ; Claire Rousier, delegated director of CNDC d’Angers
Contact : Frédéric Pérouchine, general secretary of ACCN / Thomas Da Silva Antunes, coordinator of ACCN,


Ballet Preljocaj — CCN Aix-en-Provence
Direction Angelin Preljocaj

Centre National de Danse Contemporaine — Angers
Direction Robert Swinston

VIADANSE — CCN Bourgogne Franche Comté à Belfort
Direction Héla Fattoumi et Éric Lamoureux

Malandain Ballet Biarritz — CCN Nouvelle-Aquitaine en pyrénées-Atlantiques
Direction Thierry Malandain

CCN de Caen en Normandie
Direction Alban Richard

CCN de Créteil et du Val-de-Marne / Cie Käfig
Direction Mourad Merzouki

CCN2 — Centre chorégraphique national de Grenoble
Direction Yoann Bourgeois et Rachid Ouramdane

CCN de La Rochelle / Cie Accrorap
Direction Kader Attou

Le Phare, CCN du Havre Normandie
Direction Emmanuelle Vo-Dinh

CCN — Ballet de Marseille
Direction (LA) HORDE

ICI - CCN Montpellier Occitanie
Direction Christian Rizzo

CCN de Mulhouse — Ballet de l’Opéra national du Rhin
Direction Bruno Bouché

CCN — Ballet de Lorraine
Direction Petter Jacobsson

CCNN — Centre chorégraphique national de Nantes
Direction Ambra Senatore

CCN d’Orléans
Direction Maud Le Pladec

CCN de Rennes et de Bretagne
Collectif FAIR[E]

CCN de Rillieux-la-Pape
Direction Yuval Pick

Ballet du Nord — CCN de Roubaix Hauts-de-France
Direction Sylvain Groud

CCN de Tours
Direction Thomas Lebrun