Saffy Setohy

Invisible Lines
This proposal is for the development of an idea which began in 2012. It is born from a simple yet complex, task-based action. I hold the end of a length of fishing wire in my mouth, and invite other people one at a time to hold the other end in their mouth. The main instruction is for us to attempt to keep the line taught and, facing each other, traverse space together whilst maintaining eye contact over an extended duration. What emerges from this task is an extended performance improvisation, built in physical dialogue with each other, the site and the material of the fishing wire.
— Saffy Setohy

As part of european project DanSCe Dialogues 2, Le Phare leads with South East Dance an «outdoor lab». Two choreographic project, one french and one english, will be mentored by Emmanuelle Vo-Dinh, choreographer-director of Le Phare in France, and Henrietta Hale, english choreographer. 


Cornwall-based dance artist Saffy Setahoy is a maker, performer, teacher and facilitator. Collaboration is key to her work, challenging and enriching both the process and product of creative expression.
Her practice often involves working with the tools of improvisation, attention to imagery and sensation, and text/writing. Saffy is interested in the relationship between the audience and the performer, and making performance for varied contexts. Questions that drive the choreographic work are often exploring aspects of the human condition in dialogue with ourselves, other people, materials, environments and time. With an ongoing curiosity around notions of absence and presence, memory, transformation and intimacy.  A concern with how the female body is respresented in performance is also an emerging commonality in her work. Some performances have taken place outside of the theatre space, being in the form of installations, video and site-based works. As a teacher Saffy enjoys facilitating people to find their own means of expression and to develop mind-body awareness. The technique classes focus on being in the present moment, with dynamism and ease of movement.

Conception : Saffy Setohy
Interpretation : Saffy Setohy, Luke Birch

Image du spectacle