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The Festival PiedNu is an electronic music festival produced by AMH — Atelier de Musique du Havre — and ESADHaR — École Supérieur d’Art et de Design du Havre et de Rouen. Every year Le Phare hosts an evening for the Festival PiedNu, offering a dance performance as part of the shared evening.

For nearly ten years, PiedNu has invited international artists for a variety of innovative and adventurous creative projects. The festival staff strives to expose audiences to an increasing number of artists from experimental, improvised, electro-acoustic and acousmatic music. Some of them have been moving in these circles for several decades, while others are only now emerging. Like every year, the artists featured all have the same aspiration to share their music with open-minded audiences.
For the fifth consecutive year, Le Phare has joined with the PiedNu Festival to offer a combined evening of new music and contemporary dance.

March 25th 2016, at 20:30, in Le Phare

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