Gaël Sesboüé

What is man’s relationship to the planet today? Human activity is the main source of geophysical changes in the Earth, and these transformations are shifting the balance, disturbing ecosystems and threatening life forms. For this solo, Gaël Sesboüé drew inspiration from current scientific and political thinking, developing a form of dance that is at once powerful and fragile, inviting the audience to take a new look at how we live in the world.

As part of european project DanSCe Dialogues 2, Le Phare leads with South East Dance an «outdoor lab». Two choreographic project, one french and one english, will be mentored by Emmanuelle Vo-Dinh, choreographer-director of Le Phare in France, and Henrietta Hale, english choreographer. 


Gaël Sesboüé began dancing in 1983, studying in particular with Mirjam Berns, Carlotta Ikeda, Dominique Bagouet, Angelin Preljocaj, Régine Chopinot, Jean Cébron and Catherine Diverrès. By 1985 he had already produced a dozen short pieces, and starting in 1995 he began his career as a performer, collaborating on projects with Geisha Fontaine and Pierre Cottreau, Tamara Stuart-Ewing, Christine Olivo, Christian Bourigault, Cédric Gourmelon, Christian Rizzo and Xavier Le Roy. Since 2007 he has focused on developing the Cie Lola Gatt in Brest and created the solos Body west end (2008) and An selm (2009), the duo Le champ (2010), the quartet Relatives T (2011) and the solos Grammes (2012) and Le Gardien (2013) presented at festivals such as Faits d’hiver, Artdanthé, Hors saison d’Arcadi, Anticodes, Avignon, Agitato and Dañsfabrik.

Choreography and interpretation — Gaël Sesboüé
Sound — Vincent Raude
Lighting — Sylvie Garot
Assistant — Betty Tchomanga
Set — Association l’Ymagier
Costumes — Gwen Douget

Production — Cie Lola Gatt

Image du spectacle