Aurélie Gandit

Histoires de peintures
«Histoires de Peintures» (Painting Stories) created in 2012 is a choreographic crossing through the texts by the French art historian Daniel Arasse. Associating recorded voice and dance, this solo dance wants to create danced movements through the exhilarating texts by this art historian who «joyfully made art history as an artist», in order to create the desire to see or see again painting. This solo dance is based on excepts of the book «Histoires de peintures» by Daniel Arasse (Ed. Denoël) assembling transcriptions of 25 radio broadcasts proposed on France Culture during the Summer 2003.


After a few years of classical dancing at the music and dance Conservatoire of Nancy, Aurélie Gandit trains in modern dancing beside choreographers from all backgrounds: Olga Mesa, Fattoumi/Lamoureux, Mark Tompkins, Suzanne Linke, Patricia Kuypers, Frank Beaubois and Marie Cambois. Also an art history graduate from the university of Nancy 2 (Fine arts and dance: the Contemporary Ballet Theater — 1968-1978), she joins in 2000 the curatorial training of the Ecole Du Magasin-Centre, national modern art school of Grenoble and works at the Fine Arts Museum of Nancy, Frac Lorraine and at the modern art center – La Synagogue de Delme. In 2004 she decides to devote herself entirely to dancing.
From her hybrid training in modern dancing and art history, she creates in 2007 an in situ proposition at the Museum of Fine Arts of Nancy — The Danced Visit — and founds the same year her own company: La Brèche. After the spectacle (a)musée in 2008, she creates new Danced Visits for other museums (Epinal, Mulhouse, Viseu-Portugal, Bar-Le-Duc). In 2010 she conceives with Matthieu Remy La Variété Française est un monster gluant. In 2011-2012, she participates in «Transforme, Ecrire» (Transform, Write) set up by Myriam Goufrink at the Fondation Royaumont and creates the solo Histoires de Peintures (Painting Stories) at the Rencontres Choregraphiques Internationales of Seine-Saint-Denis, as well as her first group show De Pictura. In 2012-2014, she is welcomed as a resident at L’Arsenal-Metz en Scènes.
The practice of instantaneous writing, of Feldenkrais® and yoga leads her to grasp and reactivate transitions between sensations, perceptions and action to open to movement imagination. Her work of movement writing feeds and finds its source in texts, may they be of discursive, documentary or poetic nature. Thus she weaves stitches of words and danced movements which summon in turns thought and feeling.Aurélie Gandit also regularly works as a performer since 2005 with other companies (SomeBody, Mille failles-Marie Cambois, Les Patries imaginaires) and reactivates the performances of the Frac Lorraine (Doria Garcia, Esther Ferrer…). She is also an author of texts and conferences on the history of dancing and fine arts: Contemporary Ballet Theater (exhibition catalog — Museum of Fine Arts of Nancy), Modern 

Rehearsals in Le Phare from April 17th to 27th 2012
Creation on May 9th and 10th 2012 during les Rencontres Chorégraphiques Internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis
Representations during Pharenheit festival ; on Fébruary 1st 2013 at Théâtre des Bains-Douches in Le Havre ; on February 2nd 2013 at Théâtre Le Passage in Fécamp

Conception and choreography : Aurélie Gandit
Interpretation : Aurélie Gandit
Music : Yvain Von Stebut
Exterior eye  : Marie Cambois

Production : Compagnie La Brèche-Aurélie Gandit
Coproduction : Rencontres Chorégraphiques Internationales de Seine St Denis / Le Phare, Centre Chorégraphique National du Havre Haute-Normandie.
With the financial support of DRAC Lorraine Arts Plastiques. In partnership with the CCN-Ballet de Lorraine and the Arsenal de Metz (EPCC Metz en scène). Project initiated during Transforme / Fondation Royaumont in collaboration with Noëlle Simonet.


Image du spectacle