Alban Richard

Boire les longs oublis
A poem of actions. Boire les longs oublis is inspired bye Arnold Böcklin’s painting l’Île des morts, as well as the eponymous symphonic poem from Rachmaninov. A scenario develops a vast number of interpretation opportunities from a story about a news item. Four characters narrate their story. It is the story of these two, of what happened in the nightclub, of what happened in the parking, of Nicholas’body which was writhing in pain, frightening Mary, of the body the man was twisting and of Mary’s runaway in the forest in the dead of night until the water’s edge, of the one they tried to bring back, of the one they carried, draged, by the water side, where everything was lost.

Valérie Sigward


Alban Richard was studying music and litterature when he simultaneously discovered dance and its freedom possibilities. He chose adventure and choreographic design. Far away from the usual courses, he creates his own dancing tools and works with Karine Saporta, Christian Bourigault, Odile Duboc, Olga de Soto and Rosalind Crisp. In 1999, his play Come out, with the eponymous music from Steve Reich, creates his world and the year after he starts the set l’Abrupt, gathering faithful colleagues. Downfall, a creation for the Faits d’hiver festival (2004) granted him a determining award, which has been confirmed by Disperse, created in 2005. His hallmark is made of a « procedural » writing, based on different partitions — dance, music, lighting and costumes — which come together in a conceptual and aesthetically pleasing unity. As far as (2007) and then the triptych Trois études de séparation created in the framework of the Automne en Normandie festival (2009), meet his line of research by combining a precise and rhythmic writing with separate conditions of body-mind. By designing Pléiades, a dance concert with music from Iannis Xenakis gathering musicians from the Percussions de Strasbourg, he creates in the Montpellier Danse festival 2011 a first play with a wide scope, attesting to a fine mastery of the form.

Rehearsals at Le Phare from July 9th to 27th 2012
Creation on November 21st 2012 during Instances Festival in Chalon-sur-Saône
Representation during Pharenheit festival on January 30th 2013

Conception and choreography : Alban Richard
Lights : Valérie Sigward
Music : Laurent Perrier, Serguei Rachmaninnov, L’Île des morts (opus 29) by Die Toteninsel
Sound : Félix Perdreau
Texts : Valérie Sigward
Costumes : Corine Petitpierre
Interpretation : Nicolas Chaigneau, Mélanie Cholet, Martha Moore, Alban Richard
Consultant in fonctionnal analysis of the body in danced movement : Nathalie Schulmann

Production :  ensemble l’Abrupt
Coproduction : Le Phare CCN du Havre Haute-Normandie ; l’Espace des Arts in Châlon-sur-Saône and Le Prisme, Elancourt.

Image du spectacle